Marketing to Millennials is the key to sell your idea to those who determine the future of your business.

The generation is tech-savvy and may be misunderstood and thought of as ruining numerous factors of society’s past. Being able to appropriately reach out to this generation might be the key to successful marketing.  Here are some do’s and don’ts for sparking the flame and keeping it going.

millennial marketing

Millennials?? Who are they??

Millennials are the generation of people born from 1982-2000. The older part of this generation can be commonly referred to as Generation Y. The younger end is entering into college, or starting a life of their own.  In other words, starting to spend the big bucks!

Is Digital Advertising A Do?

Yes. Millennials pay attention to digital ads and especially direct mail. Contradicting what you might hear, they have not destroyed the magazine industry. A more preferable and smart way to market is through digital and paper advertising.

DO have an honest and logical approach to your marketing attempts. DON’T be drawn out, they are still picky about what they would like to see.

Tech Savvy…I Mean, Kind Of

Don’t get me wrong, this generation is tech-savvy, but not to the level of the younger generation (Gen Z). Millennials are the last generation to grow up without smartphones, tablets, eReaders, laptops, etc. Today’s technology was foreign to them as kids. This next sentence may come as a surprise to many, but Millennials do not spend all of their time on mobile devices.

DO market to them through a desktop computer or through the older social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. DON’T spend your time focusing on promoting using only the new and latest technological advancements.

Killing Off Industries

A reputation is important for all generations and you can say that Millennials fall short of having one that is considered good. Millennials are blamed for killing off numerous industries. What may not seem obvious is that this generation has sparked a whole different genre of industries that centers around technology advancements.

DO market your technology and DON’T be afraid of marketing by using technology.

Free Flowing Hippies?

No. Though they may wait longer to get married, have kids and buy a house than their parents’ generation, it doesn’t mean they are disinterested in these things. Millennials are more aware of debt and economic fallout after seeing the effects of the Great Depression.

DO focus your marketing on the value of products and services you offer while helping them save money or make money. DON’T be costly.

Charitable Causes, DON’T

Some Millennials are all for charitable marketing strategies, but some see it as a gimmick…unless the product is high quality. They are willing to buy a product if it is practical. Marketing to Millennials can be a difficult. Keep it simple. Keep it effective and keep it honest. By satisfying these tips and tricks, Millennials are going to be dashing through your doors!

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