There are several ways to boost your email open rates and email marketing return on investment (ROI).

There are three efficient ways to do it! You email marketing metrics give you vital feedback on how your content is performing

Open rates tell you a lot about the quality of your contact list. Not to mention, how you can modify your subject lines.

Click-through rates paint a clear picture of the usefulness of your content, especially, your calls-to-action (CTAs).

Before you decide whether your engagement could use some improvement, let’s take a look at what the stats say.

What’s a good open rate?

According to MailChimp, the average open rate – across all industries – is 20.81%. If it’s way below this number, no problem! There’s a lot of ways to fix it.

Use an email checker to weed out bad data.

If your open rates begin to decline, you might first think it has something to do with your content. Well, sure that may be the case; however, before you dig into improvement of content, take a look at your email list.

Do you receive spam complaints?
Do you many of your emails bounce?

Emailing invalid email addresses has a direct impact on your bounce rate. Apart from emails bouncing, using a messy list smears your sender reputation which is a vital element of your email marketing.

If your bounce rate is high or you hit too many spam traps, your emails may not even make it to the spam folder. They probably won’t hit many inboxes at all. No wonder your open rates will start to shrink.

All email marketers are confronted with data decline. The quality of your email list is constantly deteriorating. People abandon their email addresses or switch to a different account. This is where an email checker makes a dramatic difference.

Clearing up bad data from your list, it helps you improve and maintain your sender reputation. Additionally it can establish trust with inbox providers, better reach your subscribers or reconnect with them. Plus, it can boost your open rates and thus, subscribers.

Email consistently.

Building an email marketing program that works in your favor and improves ROI takes time. Consistency is key in both your content quality and sending patterns.

Inbox providers are the ones who determine where your emails go – the Inbox, the spam folder, or nowhere at all. An inconsistent sending pattern is a red flag and will affect your deliverables and open rates. Sending your emails on the same day (and even at the same time) promotes better inbox placement and higher overall engagement.

A steady email marketing campaign doesn’t hit inbox providers by surprise. They’ll know what to expect from you, they’ll trust you and they’ll deliver your emails. Similarly, people who receive your emails will be likely to open them because they know you email them at the same time every time you send an email. They’ll make a habit out of clicking on your subject lines.

So, set a schedule for your emails and stick to it! You’ll see your open rates increase and your metrics improve.

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