Are you trying to create trending content that readers can find easily and share online?

The ease of sharing information is vital to boosting clientele, subscribers, followers, likes and shares. It sounds simple, but can be a major turning point for your business.

Try these 6 things to help create better content:

Focus, Focus, Focus

You want your content be focused in on that single topic to really engage the reader and get the wheels turning. To achieve this, clean and concise content is most important to ensure that your reader does not wander. Make sure sentences are short and focused so readers can scan the content easily.  Not only do you want to keep the content of the writing to a simple point, but do not lose sight of the direction where you are going whether it centers around any of the following:

  • Traffic
  • Brand engagement
  • Brand reach
  • Sales

Focused content can help create buzz about what you’re promoting.

Call to Action

Say you are trying to boost your Facebook profile through a status that has four different pictures of cookies labeled A,B,C, and D. The post should contain something that says comment the letter of your favorite cookie and people will easily latch on for their friends to see that activity and draw them into your page as well. Basically you are going for this giant “Domino effect” for the likes and shares to roll in and just like that, your page has been boosted in minutes.

A Heck of a Headline

Your headline is the no or go on whether a reader is going to even click on the article to read. Keep a couple keywords in the headline so the direction is present and really connects to your topic. A great headline will also lead to an enticing introduction to really pull the readers in.

Fun with Formatting

Monotony is the rule of all evil when what you want is to create a good post that will reel in some new business. GIFs are huge right now and super fun for readers to maybe chuckle while they are reading and make the article easily relatable. Video and audio files can also be super enhance or something as simple as a meme or image, checklist, a top ten list, FAQs, the possibilities are endless.

Organization for the Win

Most readers will be scanning an article or post, and bullet points really draw out key points or words to flag what is important. Subheadings break up the article into different parts, giving the reader the option of choosing whether the paragraph is even worth reading. Relevant links containing keywords also boost interest in your topic and leave readers interested in wanting to hear more from you.

All of these tips and tricks can be so useful for your readers to start a conversation with a friend about a great, easy article to read. Something as easy as a few little enhancements to your article will promote your goals through the click of a button.

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