When setting up your website for success, images play a huge role in not only the search engine optimization, but also the user experience. There are three things to consider when placing images in your website. So the three things I want to go over are size, text, and


If you have a decompression tool, you can upload an image at any size and then obviously, you can decompress it.  Without a tool, you will need to resize the image before you upload it on your website.  If you upload an image that is two to three thousand megapixels, it is going to slow down your site.  The photo might not look good on mobile, and it might appear larger on some pages.  There are plugins that make resizing easy and it is something to consider.


When a search is preformed on a search engine like Google or Bing, not only does text appear, relevant images appear as well.  If your image is titled with using search engine optimization techniques, your image could show up on the first page of Google directing visitors to your site!  This will help your website grow tremendously and create awareness.  Both of which are important goals to achieve for any website!

Every image that you upload should be named the exact same as the title of your blog. Just to reiterate, whenever someone searches a particular subject, not only is it possible for your title to appear, your images will appear as well.  This not only helps people find your site, but it aids in producing a higher ranking in search engines.

Linking Images

The third thing to consider is linking your images. Every time you upload an image this is probably the most likely thing you forget.  So remind yourself to put some sort of link in your image directing somebody where to go once they click on the image. Our natural tendency when reading a blog or looking at a website is to click on large images or images that are appealing.

So where are you going to take them? Are you going to take them to a image that pops up on the website and directs them to another page or are you going take them to a sales page?  No matter where you direct them, you want to keep them on your blog. It is important to remember people are going to click on your images. Why not make it another opportunity for you to send them where you want them to go?

At Lonnie Metzler it is our mission and and passion to help others grow their business. So if we can be of service or help your business in any way, that’s our goal!  In the mean time, we hoped you enjoyed reading up on the tree things to consider for website images.