In this fast-moving world full of thousands and thousands of businesses how could people know about yours? Every business needs an advertisement good enough to make it stand out and what could be better than video advertisements? Let’s discuss why seeing comes before actual words register in our brains.

Seeing Comes Before Words

Take a toddler or small child little for example. A child looks and recognizes before he can read or write. Videos provide complete visual communication and help build relation trust and emotional connection with people. It engages the mind and leaves a long lasting impression. Videos can deliver more information. With great videos, viewers do not even have to speak your language to understand what the video is about.  That is why great videos go viral!

The Power Of Video

Once a video is viral it has engaged millions of of viewers and potential customers. Viral videos prevent the user from leaving your website without taking action. Videos and motion graphics have a longer lifespan than text-based ad.  Not enough information to convince you just yet?  Well here are some more facts:

People prefer videos– That is 60% content preference!

Video keeps visitors staying longer -Yes, video keeps visitors up to 350 seconds on average.

Viewers remember more of the content-That is 50% extra memory reaction!

Most importantly, videos make users spend more time on your website. Nearly 88% more time on average spent on your website!

You Will Be Seen

A common question start up businesses may ask is:  “in this gigantic world of internet, with the huge amount of content out there,  will my video be seen by anyone?”  The answer is simply “yes!” Just so you know, about 83% of US citizens watch video at least once per month. Imagine the rest of the world!  Youtube alone has 188 billion video streams per year. 55% of all the Internet traffic is consumed by videos. So it is highly unlikely that your video will be left unseen!

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