Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more important than ever. It helps to bring traffic to your website and ensures that your content gets in front of as many people as possible – especially those you want to see it. Most people use search engines, like Google, to find information. So, SEO is something every single small business owner should understand, at least to some extent. If you’re a blogger, service business, marketer or brick-and-mortar business, SEO is important if you want to be found on the internet and generate visibility of your business within search engines.

Video is good for SEO which may sound strange because it isn’t text based. Video impacts visibility, engagement and conversations, therefore it is good SEO.

We all know that watching videos is more exciting than reading text. Because of this, Google ranks pages higher that have a good mix of video content to go along with text content. So, using keywords in titles, tags and descriptions for any videos you create. Plus, you can have the video transcribed and put to the transcription on the page to help boost SEO.

Video is more likely to be shared on social media than text. Therefore, video generates a huge opportunity to get more likes and links back to your website. This increases the likelihood of more people finding you. With every share, you are improving your chances of being found by more people.

Tracking your view rates, completion rates, viewer ratings and viewer comments will ensure that those viewing your video are being targeted the right way.

View rates, or the number of people clicking on the video to view it, is an important number because it will help you determine if the message is rendering enough to make people convert.

Completion Rates, the number of people who click on the video who watch the video to the end, is important also. If you find this number is low, try adjusting the length of the video or type of video you are offering.

Viewer rating helps to determine how your audience is reacting to your video. Ask questions like: Do they like or not? Is there a way to improve it? Etc.

Viewer comments will help to determine ways to make your videos better and can give you ideas for future video posts. It is a good idea to read all comments and reply to them regularly.

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